You are on the platform and about to see the steam train leave the station. The carriages are loaded with waving children and adults who feel like children again. Puffing and whistling the steam locomotive pulls the carriages out of the station into the park. While driving a lap with the train between tall trees and dense undergrowth, you can smell the air and feel the heat of the fire in the locomotive. The bells ring, lights flash and the barriers close while the train passes the crossing. Back at the station you can take a look over the shoulder of the driver at the maintenance of the fire, the intake of water, the lubrication and ........ polishing. Since we are proud of our equipment we like to see everything shining.

Almost everything you see has been built by our members in their spare time. Not only the locomotives and carriages, but the rails, the switches, the station, the signals along the track, the signalboxes and the clubhouse.